Preparation of Images for PDI Competitions

Guidelines for the Preparation of Images for Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions

1. Introduction

For its PDI Competitions we use projection equipment and software selected to give the most accurate representation of digital images in terms of colour, tone, fine detail and image sharpness.

DiCentra software (, widely in use on the national Photographic Society 'circuit',  is used to organise the digital image files for these competitions.

In order to display your images in the most optimum way and to ensure that they are projected correctly, it is important to follow these guidelines exactly for the preparation of your digital files,

as the software and projector are quite prescriptive in their input requirements. 


2. Summary of Basic Requirements

Projection Colour Space: sRGB

Maximum image size is 3840 wide by 2160 high


This can be thought of as a window your image has to fit in, so as examples


Landscape: Width: 3840 pixels   Height: 2160 pixels

Portrait:  Width: 1900 pixels   Height: 2160 pixels

Square:    Width: 2160 pixels   Height: 2160 pixels


Whatever shape you use the maximum width is 3840 and the maximum height is 2160. For projected images the DPI is not relevant, but if you are setting the DPI for printed images you may need to make a copy and resize the image to match these sizes.


Image File Format: Highest Quality available JPEG

Image File Name:   Comprises Entry Number and Image Title


3. Entry Submission:  

Photoentry is used for all submissions, log on with your username/password and follow the webpage prompts.


Note that photoentry will resize images larger than the specified size, but will only advise you if the image is too small or the wrong colour space.