Competition Rules


COMPETITION RULES - revised May 2021



1.1.The Club holds ten competitions through the course of the season. These are:-


         Monthly Open PDI over 2 Evenings and Group 1 and Group 2 judging

         Monthly Open Print over 2 Evenings and Group 1 and Group 2 judging

         Landscape Print – John Waterman Cup

        Wildlife PDI – Eddie Curtis Cup

        Flora PDI – Sue Shipp Trophy

        Man Made Print – Senlac Cup

        Annual Portfolio PDI – Fairings Trophy

        Humorous Print – Tomes Trophy 

        Mono Prints – Ken Clark Trophy

        Portrait PDI - Portrait Shield

Details of these are given in summary below. See Section 3.0 

1.2.Trophies are presented at the Annual General Meeting and are retained until the 

last meeting before the next AGM where they must be returned in a clean and correct condition.

1.3.Competitions are held for mounted prints and projected digital images (PDI).

1.4.All images submitted for competitions must be the sole work of the entrant. Trade processed prints are permitted but all retouching and digital manipulation must be the sole work of the entrant and be their copyright.

1.5.There are no entry fees for entering images into competitions.

1.6.Images submitted for previous years’ competitions are not permitted in subsequent years.

1.7.The maximum number of times the same image may be used during a season is two. The two rounds of the Monthly Competition (Print and PDI) constitute one competition. Once an image has been entered into a round it may not be used for a subsequent round. 

1.8.An image may be used for a second time for the Annual Portfolio PDI Competition. 

1.9.The Monthly Print and PDI competition have two classes of entry; Grades 1 and Grade 2. All other competitions are open to all-comers on an equal single class basis.

1.10.Members may choose in which class they wish to place their entries but, as a guide, more advanced/experienced photographers and those with external accreditations (RPS and PAGB) will be expected to enter as a Grade 1. 

1.11.Grade 2 is only open to less experienced photographers, or photographers that have not previously been involved with another club, or less experienced members.

1.12.If any member feels that their work would benefit from reassessment of their grade they can discuss this with the Chairman who will submit their case to the Committee for consideration. However, if a change of grade is made mid-season then points are not transferable between the grades. The Committee shall have discretional powers in all of the above.

1.13.Judging will be by an independent external judge who will be made aware of our competition requirements. In the event of a dispute, the Committee’s decision will be final. 

1.14.Titles are mandatory for all images: the judge will be informed of this fact.

1.15.Print will now be brought along on the evening of the competition and handed to the committee member sorting the images. Late entries will not be accepted. Print entries must be accompanied by a copy of the print image in JPEG form and uploaded onto the clubs Competition Entry System. Print entries will not be allowed without a submitted PDI image.

1.16.In the case of Print competitions where a PDI is projected for the benefit of the watching members. The Judge will only review the Printed work and not the projected work.

1.17.Digital image files for projection must be uploaded onto the clubs Competition Entry System two weeks before the competition date in order to be eligible for the competition.

1.18.All submitted images are retained for possible use in representing Battle in inter club competitions and exhibitions, and publication in reputable  local publications,  gaining free publicity for the club.   (It should be noted that where images are entered for inter club competitions then the inter club competition will have a condition that images entered may in turn be used for the purpose  of publicity for that competition)

Where a photographer does not wish his image to be used outside of  the club  then they must tick the “ Do not publish “ box on Photoentry.   Where the member is happy for the image to be used in external competitions but not any outside publications such as the local newspaper then the member should contact the Chairman who will make the publicity officer and PDI secretary aware that their images may not be used for such outside publications even though the “Do not publish box”  has not been ticked by the photographer.


While copyright always belongs to the photographer BPS takes no responsibility for copyright breeches by third parties.

1.19.Neither Battle Photographic Society nor any officer or member shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to prints or other media entered in Club Competitions or exhibitions, or used to represent the Club at any other event.





2.1.Prints for Internal competitions are required to be backed with card and mounted; the mount size is standardised at 400mm x 500mm. The size of the image within the mount may be of any size.

2.2.The entrant’s name, and grade where relevant, plus the title of the image must be marked on the back of the mount at the top.

2.3.Preparing and presenting digital files for projection involves a number of complexities and members are referred to the separate comprehensive guidance notes entitled “Preparing and Presenting Images for Projected Digital Image Competitions” available on the club's website or from the Club Secretary

2.4.Members need to be aware that computer equipment varies depending on type, age and size so the images seen on your computer screen may not look exactly the same on the Club’s projection equipment in terms of colour, exposure and contrast. The Club will make every effort to ensure the projection equipment is consistently set for the same colour and brightness, but members are encouraged to calibrate their own equipment (the Club has a calibration tool available for this purpose) to ensure the best possible match.



3.1.Monthly Open PDI – there will be 2 judged evenings and a member is allowed to enter 2 PDI’s into each competition. This competition will be judged under a grade 1 and a grade 2 system. Each image will be marked out of 20 points. Trophies will be awarded for.

a.    Les Bedwell - Highest total score of all 2 competitions in Grade 1

b.    Saxon Shield - Highest total score of all 2 competitions in Grade 2

3.2.Monthly Open Print – There will be 2 judged evenings and a member is allowed to enter 2 Prints into each competition. This competition will be judged under a grade 1 and a grade 2 system. Each image will be marked out of 20 points. Trophies will be awarded for

a.    E Z Tozer Cup – Highest total score of all 2 competitions in Grade 1

b.    Martin Hodge Cup – Highest total score of all 2 competitions in Grade 2

3.3.Sue Shipp Trophy is a PDI Flora competition. It will be held in 1 class only and the highest scoring and placed image will win the trophy. Only 1 PDI entry is allowed for this competition.

3.4.Senlac Cup is a Print competition featuring a Man Made Image. It will be held in 1 class only and the highest scoring and placed image will win the trophy. Only 1 Print entry is allowed for this competition.

3.5.John Waterman Cup is a Print competition for landscapes. It will be held in 1 class only and the highest scoring and placed image will win the trophy. Only 1 Print entry is allowed for this competition

3.6.Eddie Curtis Cup is a PDI Wildlife competition.  It will be held in 1 class only and the highest scoring and placed image will win the trophy. Only 1 PDI entry is allowed for this competition.

3.7.Tomes Trophy is held at the clubs Christmas event and is an unframed Humerous picture. Members can enter up to 2 images and a winner is selected by members on the night.

3.8.Ken Clarke Mono Prints is a Mono Print Competition (Single colour or tint is allowed). It will be held in 1 class only and the highest scoring and placed image will win the trophy. Only 1 Print entry is allowed for this competition.

3.9. Portrait Shield Portrait PDI is a Portrait PDI Competition. It will be held in 1 class only and the highest scoring and placed image will win the trophy. Only 1 Print entry is allowed for this competition.            

3.10.Fairings Trophy is a PDI Portfolio Competition of 4 Images from 4 classes from the following categories


a.    An entry shall consist of a set of four digital images for projection depicting four different categories, chosen from the list below, that demonstrate their “seeing eye”, originality of approach, technical competence plus all round ability and versatility. The  images do not necessarily have to relate to each other as a panel.

b.    The portfolio will be marked in two parts. The first part will comprise marking each individual image out of 20 for photographic merit, technical standard and appropriateness to the stated category (i.e. 80 marks maximum for all four images). The second part will mark the overall portfolio out of 20 for the all round ability and versatility shown in the set/portfolio as a whole, thus giving a maximum total mark of 100 for the portfolio.

c.     The categories:-

ARCHITECTURE: An image of any designed man-made structure (e.g. buildings, 

castles, bridges etc) or part thereof.

ACTION: An image of any activity that depicts subject movement.

ARTISTIC: To include abstract, pattern or the like.

CANDID: An image taken without the knowledge of the subject.

CREATIVE: An image produced by utilising photographic technique(s) beyond those necessary to take a basic straightforward photograph (e.g. multiple exposure, derivatives, advanced digital manipulation etc.).

INDUSTRIAL: An image that depicts an interior or exterior aspect of industry or commerce.

LANDSCAPE: To include townscapes, seascapes, skyscapes or urban views.

MACRO AND MICRO: An image, produced in camera, where the subject is captured close up (i.e. at least “quarter life size” (1:4) within the “as recorded” image area before any cropping or enlargement.

NATURE: To include plants, insects, birds, mammals, etc. (Note: A general landscape does not fall into this category)

NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY: An image taken between dusk and dawn by any technique.

PORTRAITURE: An image of a posed or un-posed subject, taken indoors or out.

PHOTOJOURNALISM: An image that tells a story or records an event.

RECORD: An image that preserves the true likeness of the subject.

STILL LIFE: To include tabletop models/arrangements, etc.



It is proposed that from 2022-2023  2 new competitions be introduced in place of 2 of the open competitions:


These new competitions to be:


1.Street Photography and Panels


2. Creative and Pure (Minimal processing) 

( The details and criteria to be  finalised for the 2022 AGM.   During the coming year the committee may organise  trial competitions to assess the degree of interest and viability of these competition genres)


4.0 In summary the competitions are as follows:-

Competition Format Subject No of Images Grade 1 Cup Grade 2 Cup
2 x Monthly PDI Comp PDI Open 2 Les Bedwell Saxon Shield
2x Monthly Print Comp Print Open 2 E Z Towzer Martin Hodge
Sue Shipp Trophy PDI Flora 1 Sue Shipp Trophy
Man Made Print Man Made Image 1 Senlac Cup
Tomes Christmas Print Humorous 2 Tomes Trophy
John Waterman Cup Print Landscape 1 John Waterrman Cup
Eddie Curtis PDI Fauna 1 Eddie Curtis
PDI Portfolio PDI Any from list 1 Fairings Trophy
Ken Clark Prints Mono Image 1 Ken Clark
Portrait Competition PDI Portrait 1 Portrait Trophy

5.0 Appendix


5.1 Flora: plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous – plant life, flowers, trees, grasses, fungi and can include cut flowers.

5.2 Fauna : All animals including birds, insects, reptiles, fish that live in the wild or are kept in captivity, but excludes domestic pets

5.3 Man-Made: Any man made object(s)

5.4 Creative :  The image may be of any subject matter and must obviously display a change in natural color, form, shape or any combination of these three. All images must be original and may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else.