Battle Photographic Society was established in 1962 and aims to provide an informal, friendly, social atmosphere in which members can enjoy their photography in the company of other photographers, exchange experiences, ideas and views and share their images through competition and exhibition. The club endeavours to provide inspiration to its members and to broaden their knowledge and improve their photographic skills through presentations from visiting guest speakers, practical sessions and competitions. The club's season commences in the first week of September and runs through to the beginning of May. Meetings start at 7.30 pm and are held on most Mondays in the Shephard Room of the Battle Memorial Hall. We cater for all levels of ability and new members are assured of a warm welcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Battle Photographic Society?

We are friendly group of photography enthusiasts of all ages and levels of skill. We provide a social, supportive club where beginners and experienced photographers alike share their photography and experiences with other photographers.


What do you do?

We focus on the enjoyment of photographs and improving our photography through three main activities:



Throughout the year we have presentations by accomplished photographers on a wide range of photographic subjects - always illustrated by the speaker’s own pictures. At the end of each presentation, time is set aside for questions.



Competitions are great fun and a really enjoyable way for members to learn more about their photography in a supportive constructive atmosphere. Competitions are not compulsory and members enter competitions as and when they have photographs they want to share publicly. Our competitions are club events in which members are invited to enter their own photographs to be judged by an external, qualified judge.



Our informal workshops bring together our more experienced photographers with members who want to know more about how their camera works, how to take particular types of photograph, along with questions about printing and image presentation. This is an easy way to learn and find answers to particular questions.


Do I have to be a good photographer to join?

No. But you may become a much better photographer if you join us. We welcome members of all levels of skill, from beginner to advanced.


Do I have to have a “professional” camera?

No. Our members use a range of cameras from small auto-compact cameras to Digital SLR cameras.


Where and when do you meet?

We meet from September to May. We meet in the Shephard Room of Battle Memorial Hall, on most Mondays, from 7.30 to 10.00pm. In addition, we hold a workshop once a month. For details of meetings, competitions and workshops, please see the 2020/21 Programme page.


How do I Join?

New members can join at our Annual Exhibition or at any of our meetings. Anyone wishing to check us out can come along to one or more meetings as a visitor. When you do come along, just ask for the Chairman, Johhn Lethbridge, or Jt  Vice Chairmen Marston Hart or Dave Boden


What does it cost?

The annual subscription is £40.00 for individuals and £65.00 for couples. New members joining part-way through the club year are charged on a pro rata basis. Visitors are charged £3.00 per visit. We charge £3 per session for our workshops to cover the cost of room hire.


More questions?

If you have a question not answered here, please email us using the form on the Contact page.