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27/10/2020 - 10:40

30th October 2020

The 1st meeting of the Flower group was held via zoom on Friday 30th October and was attended by 15 members.

It was felt that we should meet on a monthly basis to allow members to join other groups without becoming overcommitted.

The next meeting will take place on Monday morning at 10.00 am 23rd November, at which time Louise will present a powerpoint talk on the topic of Close Up Photography.It was suggested that each member could submit a close up image of a flower/leaf/seedhead to discuss at the next meeting via PhotoEntry.

During the general conversation it was suggested that if any member had ideas for places/gardens to visit with great flower photographic potential they could be passed to group leader for inclusion on this page to form a reference sheet. This could also include any Youtube videos that members had found useful.

Invitations will be sent out shortly before the 23rd to the attendees of the first meeting but if anyone else wants to attend please contact Dave.


23rd November 2020

A very pleasant morning was spent reviewing 21 images of flowers and seed heads taken by the group members over the past weeks. Everyone participateted in the constructive critique of the images and where the author sought advise about how to improve a particular part, comments were readily made. 

For part of the meeting Louise presented a powerpoint slide show descibing how she approaches the topic and passed on many good ideas to all, particularly those starting out on the journey of close-up flower photography.