"Man Made" Trophy for Prints 2015/16

2015/16 Competition Results > "Man Made" Trophy for Prints 2015/16
27/09/2016 - 09:25

The results of the Man Made Competition for prints held on Monday 30th November 2015 were as follows. The judge was John Hunt ARPS. To see the images which scored 19 or more, please click on the title of the image, or to see the whole gallery, click here.

Mike Attrill Stark Contrast 16
  Ice Skates 16
Steve Barnes Rock Face 15
Amanda Butler Bolts and Steel 14
Frances Claydon Stone and Steel 16
  On Track 16
Michael Corp LRPS Qire and Nave - Winchester Cathedral (1st place) 20
  Jerwood Close Up 15
Sandra Cupit Woman - Made by Man 16
  From a Bygone Era 15
Annette Denny The Winery - Bottles and Urn 18
  Gardenscape Geometry - Water and Glass 14
Mike Fermor The Red Arrows 17
Lyn Findley LRPS Mill Workings 16
  Reflections of Progress 15
Carl Fuller Scotney 18
  Chrome 17
Marston Hart Bottoms Up 18
  Mykonos 15
Richard Holttum Steam Train 14
Colin Kiley Brave Men in their Flying Machine (Sally B) 16
Kathy Kiley A Construction Welder working on Hastings Pier 16
Bev Marks Work at Hastings Pier 15
Trevor Moore Imperial War Museum North 16
  Reaching Out - National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire 16
Ray Noble Telford's Bridge and Conway Castle 18
  19th Century Locomotive 17
Terence Page A Hot Rod's Rear Suspension 18
Gerry Powell Wheel of Excellence, Brighton 17
  Floor to Roof (Durbar Hall, Hastings Museum) 17
Pam Russell Escalator, Natural History Museum 15
  Corner of Promenade Shelter 15
Robin Russell Cycladic Statue 14
  Banner in the Breeze 14
Jenny Schilcher The Handle 17
  Industrial French Knitting 16
Jim Tooke The Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln - Aidan Hart (2nd place) 20
  The Lock (3rd place) 19
Richard Worden Taking Photography to Another Level 18
  Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth 16