Eddie Curtis Cup (nature PDI) 2013/14

2013/14 Competition Results > Eddie Curtis Cup (nature PDI) 2013/14
25/09/2014 - 14:55

The results of the competition for the Eddie Curtis Cup for nature PDI held on Monday 30th January 2014 were as follows. The judge was Paul Dunmall CPAGB. To see the images receiving a score of 18 or more, please click on the title of the image.

Liz Blackwell Black-browed Albatross chick 18
  Male Indian Moon Moth 18
Ann Chown LRPS CPAGB Midday in the river 19
  One of the herd 19
Chris Everest Hemerocallis open seedpod 18
  Viburnum Tinus after storms 16
Lyn Findley Snowdrops (2nd Place) 20
  We have take off 18
Peter Greene Found that itch! - Stork 16
  Climbing snail 17
David Howse Successful catch (Highly commended) 19
  Tawny owl (3rd Place) 20
Kathy Kiley Fly Agaric fungi 17
  Dryad's Saddle Fungi 17
Val Miles Clematis Vivienne Pennell 15
  Orchid Phalaeonopsis 17
Janice Payne LRPS Achilles Morpho - Morpho achilles 18
  Wasps nest (1st Place) 20
Pam Russell Desert beetle 19
  Warthog 17
Robin Russell Mountain tortoise 17
  Hovering bumblebee (Highly commended) 19
Lindsay Shipp Black headed gull 16
  Grass on sand 18
John Shipp LRPS CPAGB Teasel seed head 17
  Grey squirrel 17