Annual PDI Competition 2015/16

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27/09/2016 - 09:32

The results of the Annual Competition for PDIs held on Monday 16th March 2016 were as follows. The judge was Keith Evans FRPS DPAGB. To see the images which scored 19 or more, please click on the title of the image and to see the whole gallery, click here.

Mike Attrill New Age Oldies 16
Steve Barnes LRPS Eugine 17
  Falling on Deaf Ears 17
Liz Blackwell Tradescantia cerinthoides 18
  Vigur, Iceland 16
Sandra Cupit Strings 16
Mike Davis Fisherman's Tale 16
Annette Denny Flooded No Parking 16
Mike Fermor Life Saver's Hut 16
  Lone Pine 15
Peter Greene Street Artist 13
  Bringing Home the Catch 11
Marston Hart White Lions (3rd Place) 20
David Howse CPAGB Cheetah 19
  Squirrel 18
Kathy Kiley Evening Dew on a Lillium Candidum (2nd Place) 20
John Lethbridge Morning Sun Shaft and Ice Crystals, Yellowstone 17
  Evening Fox in Yellowstone 16
Bev Marks Amaryllis 17
  Avocet Feeding 13
Anne Metcalf Alta Norway at Night 15
  No Rain Eyes Closed 13
Trevor Moore Life's a Beach 17
  Reflections, Salford 16
Gerry Powell Worthing Reflections 15
  Way Out 15
Robin Russell New Lithops Growth 16
John Shipp LRPS CPAGB Sculpted by Nature (1st Place) 20
  First Light on Coombe Martin Foreshore 17
Jon Young Storm 1 19
  Storm 3 14