2nd Monthly Open - PDI 2015/16

2015/16 Competition Results > 2nd Monthly Open - PDI 2015/16
24/09/2016 - 16:40

The results of the 2nd Monthly Open Competition for PDI are given below. Our judge was Judith Stewart. To view the images which scored 19 or above, please click on the title of the image, or to see the whole gallery, click here.

Steve Barnes Pike Woman 18
  Fish Entrails 17
Liz Blackwell Fumerole, Iceland 17
  Darter Anhinga melanogaster 15
Amanda Butler Alice 19
  Sheffield Park 16
Sandra Cupit Is it right now? 16
  Punting on the River Stour 14
Mike Davis The Catch 17
  The New Glasgow Vision 17
Annette Denny The Lonely Bay 18
  Autumn trapped by Winter 15
Mike Fermor Sorting fishing nets 17
  Not Guilty 15
Frank Frost Reflections on Hastings 18
Peter Greene Vintage young lady 16
  Study in Scarlet 16
David Howse Running Free 20
  Juvenile white-tailed sea eagle 20
Sue Keyte Watching and Waiting 17
  Standing alone 14
Kathy Kiley Old Town Hastings Fisherman 17
  Moorhen waiting for the plunge 17
Bev Marks Abbey Gatehouse in momentary September sunset light 16
  A single tulip flower! 14
Anne Metcalf The World's only display team of Red Barrows 20
  Sunset at Mindil Beach 17
Trevor Moore Coming home, Whitby 16
  Girl on Tightrope 16
Ray Noble Playtime over 18
  Iris impressions 18
Heather Page Dead Trees 16
  I'm here for Jack in the Green 15
Laura Phillips Showing Age 18
  Reflections 18
Gerry Powell Early Morning Walkies 17
  Underneath the Promenade 16
Pam Russell Sharp Corner 19
  Playing with colour 18
Lindsay Shipp Survival 17
  Algae 17
John Shipp Winchester Cathedral Crypt 17
  Sandstone 16
Pauline Taylor I could have danced all night 18
  Angels in Sneakers 16