1st Monthly Open Competition for Prints Grade 1 2016/17

2016/17 Competition Results > 1st Monthly Open Competition for Prints Grade 1 2016/17
02/10/2017 - 09:57

The results of the 1st Monthly Open Competition for Prints Grade 1 are given below. The judge was Helen Taylor ARPS DPAGB BPE3. To see which images scored 19 or more, click on the relevant image title or to see the whole gallery, click here.

Steve Barnes LRPS Iceland Crater 17
  Iceland Waterfall 15
Michael Betts French House Wall Pattern 15
  Stranded 15
Janet Bishop Worden Can You See It 16
  Going for a Kiss 16
Bob Butler City at Night 17
  No. 1 at Brands 17
Michael Corp LRPS Rembrandt and Disciples (2nd place) 20
  Plaza, Amsterdam 16
Annette Denny Gaudi's White Staircase (1st place) 20
  Gaudi's Casa Batllo 17
Frank Frost Stone Circle (3rd place) 19
  Hastings at Night 19
Peter Greene New Dawn 19
  Sparring Stallions 18
Marston Hart Wild Porcupine 18
  Lake Maligne 16
David Howse CPAGB Osprey Fishing 19
  Osprey 18
Colin Kiley Lonely Corner 16
  Done its Time? 15
Kathy Kiley Victorian Ladies Tapestry Boots 16
  Features of a Vintage Cadillac 14
John Lethbridge Russian Bear with Salmon 19
  Russian Bear with Reflection 18
Ray Noble Juvenile Gannet (Morus Bassanus) 16
  The Four Seasons 16
Terence Page Folk Musicians 17
  Fallen Apples 16
Paul Penrith Alternative View of Scotney 16
  Time, like a Stream, Rolls on 16
Gerry Powell Nightmare 15
  Dilapidated Locomotive 15
Robin Russell The Only Shade 17
  Flamingo 15
Pam Russell LRPS Collecting Bait 17
  Elephant at Dusk 15
Jim Tooke The Scallywag 16
  The Killarney Lakes 16
Richard Worden No. 1 Fred 15
  The Pelican of London Training Ship 15