1st Meeting 6th November 2020

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10/11/2020 - 19:25

6th November 2020. 7.30pm  Brief summary. 

This was the first meeting to set up The street Photography SIG . 14 of us were present with a number of apologies received.  We defined the street photography we will be aiming to capture and had an interesting discussion about some of the techniques we will be employing.  We also looked briefly at the Brian Lloyd Ducket website and noted the book 52 assignments in street photography. We included some discussion of the use of mobile phones. We have had offers from two coffee shops who will consider displaying suitable images from the group and this may motivate us. Between now and our next meeting on Thursday 3rd December at 10am  we will try and some capture images including those with a pandemic theme.  For our second meeting, also planned for a Thursday at 10am we hope to have an outside speaker who lives locally to do a zoom talk during the first half of January. 

Contact:   John Lethbridge. Street SIG Facilitator.